June Fayetteville Area Newsletter 2011

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JUNE -2011 Newsletter
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What’s Happening in Local Markets?
*Prepared by National Association of REALTORS®
**Prepared by Clarus MarketMetrics
Local Area Markets
**Local Sales & Price Activity
*Prepared by National Association of REALTORS®
**Prepared by Clarus MarketMetrics
What’s New
National Real Estate Market
April Pending Home Sales Drop After Two Monthly Gains
Washington, DC, May 27, 2011 – Pending home sales fell in April with regional variations following increases in February and March, with unusual weather and economic softness adding to ongoing problems that are hobbling a recovery, according to the National Association of Realtors®. More…
NAR Grants Help Make Home Ownership an Affordable Opportunity
Washington, May 31, 2011 – Seventeen local and state Realtor® associations have been awarded over $60,000 through the Housing Opportunity Program Grants, a National Association of Realtors® grant program. The funds will be used by the associations to promote and expand affordable housing opportunities in their communities. More…
Foreign Buyers Recognize Value of Home Ownership in U.S.
Washington, May 18, 2011 – The U.S. continues to remain a top destination for foreign buyers as international purchases surged by $16 billion this year, one of the highest increases in recent years. More…
National Real Estate Market Articles Source:NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.
HouseLogic is a free source of information and tools from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® with content covering home improvement, maintenance, taxes, finance, insurance and even ways you can get involved in and enrich your community.
This Month’s
Consumer Articles
Summer Safety Tips
Summer safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics Web site ( http://www.aap.org will keep your family safe this summer by following these tips. More…
Create an Outdoor Resort in Your Backyard
This summer many will be spending more vacation time at home instead of traveling to a distant location. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), with a few updates to your outside lighting, you can enjoy a mini vacation at home. More…
Do You Need Hurricane Insurance?
You have to investigate your policy details and how they relate to your location before making a decision on hurricane insurance. More…
Home Improvements that Pay Off
Today’s Buyers are Less Willing to Compromise

The temptation is strong: Clean up the yard, de-clutter the house, and put it on the market without spending time and money sprucing the place up for sale. This is especially the case if you anticipate losing money on the sale. More…

Swimming Pools: Alternatives to Chlorine
Chlorine keeps swimming pools safe and clean, but there are alternatives to chlorine if you’re willing to pay the price. More…
ZaZa Gabor’s Estate is Finally For Sale
Take a peak inside ZaZa’s French Estate listed for $15 Million. It’s 50% less than she and hubby, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, had planned to list the property for before their REALTOR explained the market trends and their need for quick sale because of her medical bills. More…
Dreaming of a Summer Escape to an Italian Villa?
Check out this Italian Renaissance Tuscan Villa as your summer getaway. If you need 6 bedrooms, pool and an incredible view, it can be yours for $5.3M. More…

Community Reports on REALTOR.com
Enter a ZIP code to view a report. For a comparison report, enter a second ZIP.


Compare Community Amenities Compare Community Statistics
* Shopping and Groceries
* Public Services
* Places of Worship
* Recreation and Leisure
* Food and Drink
* Population
* Households
* Education
* Housing
* Transporation
* Income
* Employment
* Net Worth
* Cost of Living
* Climate
Source: REALTOR.com
Housing Indicators
Existing Home Sales
4.81 million units*
Existing Home Median Price
Housing Starts
560,000 units*
New Home Sales
323,000 units (April)*
*seasonally adjusted annual rate
Economic Indicators
Homeownership Rate

1st Qtr 11 4th Qtr 10
66.4% 66.5%
The homeownership rate in the first quarter 2011 (66.4 percent) was lower than the first quarter 2010 rate (67.1 percent). In the South and West, the homeownership rates were lower than a year ago, while the Northeast and Midwest showed no significant change from the corresponding first quarter 2010 rates.
New Home Sales

Apr 11 Mar 11
+7.3% +8.3%
Sales of new one-family houses in April 2011 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 323,000. This is 7.3 percent above the revised March 2011 estimate of 301,000

Real Estate Sales Statistics
April 2011 Existing Home Statistics
Metropolitan Prices & State Sales
View Prices / % Changes for 159 Cities & Metropolitan Areas

  State Home Sales | Total Sales of Single-family and Condo/Co-ops
  Housing Affordability Index | Click Here to view details
  Mouse over the map to view
Regional Definitions
National Home Sales
Single Family
vs. last month: -0.8% -0.5% -3.1%
vs. last year: -12.9% -12.6% -15.0%
Click Here to view details
National Sales Price of Homes
Single Family
vs. last year: -5.0% -5.4% -2.3%
Click Here to view details
Regional Home Sales
vs. last month: -0.8% -7.5% 5.7% -1.0% -1.6%
vs. last year: -12.9% -32.1% -16.4% -9.3% 0.8%
Click Here to view details
Regional Sales Price of Homes
vs. last year: -5.0% -7.3% -5.1% -4.1% -6.1%
Click Here to view details
Regional Single Family Home Sales
vs. last month: -0.5% -8.5% 6.2% 0.0% -2.6%
vs. last year: -12.6% -31.6% -15.6% -10.3% 0.0%
Click Here to view details
Regional Sales Price of Single-Family Homes
vs. last year: -5.4% -8.8% -4.7% -3.0% -6.5%
Click Here to view details
Regional Condo/Co-Op Sales
vs. last month: -3.1% -4.8% 0.0% -8.7% 8.3%
vs. last year: -15.0% -33.3% -21.7% 0.5% 11.1%
Click Here to view details
Regional Sales Price of Condo/Co-ops
vs. last year: -2.3% -3.1% -13.5% -14.6% -1.6%
Click Here to view details

Daily Real Estate Market Outlook
Economists’ Commentaries provide an in-depth look at trends and current news related to housing and the real estate market. Click here
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