Top Eight Home Showing Tips


I know that some of you know what needs to be done when showing your ome, but I am reminded by my newest sellers that sometimes what seems so simple can actually be more difficult than I thought.

Showing your home is essential in the real estate business. After all, who would purchase a property sight unseen? When a potential buyer stops in, here are eight recommended tips to follow when showing your home:


Tip # 1: Welcome Your Buyers


Graciously greet your potential homebuyers and invite them to look around. Make sure that you instruct them to take their time and to ask any questions that they may have.


Tip # 2: Be Flexible


Many homebuyers are on a tight schedule, whether it be work, school or other commitments. Time is tough to come by, so try to be flexible about allowing potential buyers to tour your home.


Tip # 3: Climate Control


When a buyer comes into your home, they do not want to feel cold in the winter or overly stuffy in the summer. Make sure that the temperature is comfortable. Otherwise, your buyer may not spend as much time in the home as necessary in order to form an accurate opinion. The last thing you want is a buyer who’s in a hurry to leave.


Tip # 4: Quick Cleaning


If you have enough time before the buyer shows up, run the vacuum over the floors and make sure that any clutter is cleaned up. A clean home appears larger, while a cluttered one gives the appearance of being too small. If you really want to impress your potential buyers, place a plate of freshly baked cookies on the dining room table. When they walk into your home, they will be greeted by the wonderful smell.


Tip # 5: Animal Control


If you have pets, remove them from the home temporarily or place them in a contained space, such as a kennel, exercise pen or carrier. This will allow buyers to tour the home without being distracted by a nervous animal, which could result in a nervous buyer.


Tip # 6: Light The Way


Your home should appear open and bright, even if it’s a winter day, so open the curtains and turn on the lights throughout the home. Buyers will not likely be drawn to a dark, dimly-lit house.


Tip # 7: Educate Your Buyers


When someone is looking for a home, they are looking for more than the perfect floor plan. If you have recently had the home appraised or inspected, place copies of each report on the dining room table. Purchasing a home is a big step, and buyers will be drawn to a home that has everything out on the table, so to speak.


Tip # 8: Ask For Feedback

Boy, this one is a biggee and I can’t emphasize it enought.  Once the potential buyer has completed their tour, invite their feedback by placing comment cards in the home. The information provided could be potentially helpful during your next home showing, and it will make the potential buyer feel as though you value their opinion.


Please feel free to contact me at 919-986-2001 if I can answer any questions for you. I am more than happy to lend you my expertise and make myself available to consult with you at no obligation to you.

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